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CD Zalomon Grass Special Edition Double EP - Three Hundred Years + The Four Track EP

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"The Four Track EP + Three Hundred Years"

Edicion especial que reune los dos trabajos lanzados hasta la fecha por Zalomon Grass.

The Four Track EP

"It didn’t make much sense to make a full studio album since we started from scratch and with virtually no budget. Although at the moment it was not going to be possible to perform our songs live, we wanted people to see first hand and without tricks how our sound is and what our staging would be like, and these four tracks are a good example." 

Three Hundred Years

Soundtrack for the experimental film of the same title. Search for Zålomon Grass and THREE HUNDRED YEARS on your favourite social media and video websites. credits released March 30, 2022 Zålomon Grass' THREE HUNDRED YEARS. This is the EP containing the original soundtrack created for the film of the same title. From a script and story written by Gabriel Mckenzie. Musical score recorded, mixed and mastered at Rodd Studios in Vigo (Galiza, Spain) by David Rodd with occasional assistance from Yago Guirado.

With very special thanks and appreciation to the venue A Casa de Arriba (Vigo) for their facilities.

All songs written, performed and arranged by Mauro Comesaña, Gabriel Mckenzie & David Rodd.

Mauro Comesaña: drums, percussion, handclaps, backing vocals and Vox amp fumbling.

Gabriel Mckenzie: electric and acoustic guitars, handclaps, main & backing vocals and analog synthesizer.

David Rodd: acoustic guitar, bass, handclaps, backing vocals and analog synthesizer. Additional musical instruments provided by Marcelo Almirón & Fran Asenjo.

Album cover & artwork by Mauro Comesaña.

Digital adjustments over a 60 x 120 cm acrylic on canvas. Private collection.

Copyright 2022.

Depósito Legal: MA-720-2022

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